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(6 wks-15 months)
 Teacher:  Glenda Stanhke

Our babies are provided with space to promote a quiet and relaxed atomspere.  Each child is provided with a crib for a quiet rest time.  A communication log is kept in order to provide the parent with information needed.  Space is also provided for tummy time and toys are provided for those children that are mobile. 

 (15 months- 23 months) 
Teacher: Karlie Gray
Teacher Assistants: Jackie Bodkins
Although the froglets share space with our swimmers, they are separated in order to provide age appropriate activities for both age groups.  The classroom is set up to provide a place where the children learn to interact with one another. 

(2 years)
Teacher: Heather Clark 
Teacher Assistant: Danielle Campbell
 The pollywogs are starting to learn language skills, letters, they also participate in song and finger play. The goal of the pollywog teacher is to provide a foundation for the tadpole teacher.

(3 years)
Teacher: Heather Clark

 The tadpoles curriculum centers around the introduction of letter, number, shapes, and colors.  They will also be introduced to glue and scissor play.  Name recognition is also introduced.

Super Froggies:
(4 and 5 years)
Teachers:  Karla Layman
Teacher Assistant: Ashleigh Sanderson
 The supper froggies concentrate on skills used in kindergarten.  Matching, letter sounds, opposites, and writing are introduced.  We provide the same learning environment as a pre-school without the extra cost.

(school age)
Teachers:  Stephanie Hunter and Stephanie Hunter

The BullFrogs spend before and after school in our care doing homework, art activities and playing games until parents are able to pick them up.  Summer activities include roller skating, bowling, art activites, and trips to Splash City.

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