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About Us


Looking for quality care at affordable pricing?  Then look no further!  Lilypad is your place.  We understand the need to know that your child is well taken care of while you are at work or school.  We offer childcare at rates that are the lowest in town, on top of offering the the best care.  Don't be fooled by the brand new buildings,  NO ONE cares for your child like the staff at Lilypad does.

How we became Lilypad:

In March of 2007, Linda Hedger and Brandy Hamann took over the existing Priscillas Daycare.  With the change of ownership also came the name change.  Since that time, the duo have made many building renovations (which still continue) and have assembled a staff that provide loving and nuturing care. 

Since taking over in 2007, the duo have added new ages to the center (prior to 2007 the center only accepted children 2 years-12 years, we now accept children 6 weeks-12 years). A new building that is used strictly for school age children has also been added.  


Meet the Directors:

Brandy Hamann
:  Besides being an owner, Brandy is also the director.  Brandy has worn many hats since graduating from McKendree College, from p.e. teacher, to mother of three, to baseball coach, to the true soccer mom.  Having kids herself, Brandy understands the importance of having safe, loving, and affordable child care when you have to work.

Amanda Campbell:  Amanda joined our team in September of 2010.  She has been a wonderful addition.  Amanda is a type A personality that gets things done while maintaining her bubbly demeanor.  

Other essential staff:

Linda Outland:
  Linda has been a fixture at the center for over 5 years.  She works with the school children as well as providing yummy meals everyday. You won't find a center around who feeds the children better than Ms. Linda feeds ours.
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